Wedding Helicopters

Aone Helicopters is often asked about wedding helicopters. The most popular choices are often to take couples for Vidai, Barat Entry by Helicopter, Helicopter entry to a reception or to depart the reception for a hotel in the evening.Many hotels and wedding venues have helipads available or open space nearby, and Aone Helicopters can always recommend the most suitable helicopter type and landing location for your requirements.Helicopter hire prices depend on the location of your landing and departure points, landing costs, flight duration, size of the helicopter and the time of the flight. For helicopter flight prices, landing site advice and real-time availability contact us.

People dream of having a wedding ceremony that is unique and memorable at the same time. They plan for years and choose everything after carefully researching the market, but more often than not, they fail in etching that day in the minds of the guests. The pressure to stand out is real. If you are among those people, then we are exactly what you are looking for. We will not only help you in turning your wedding day into a memorable one for the guests but will also help you in telling stories about your unforgettable adventure to your grandkids.

Come to us and let us take care of your wedding while flying over the picturesque city of your wedding.



Aone Helicopters is the best service that started to provide Helicopter for Marriage Ceremony in all Rajasthan. Over the years this concept has taken a hold over other nearby cities and states as well. We helped our clients in not only enjoying a private ride in a helicopter but to also get married in the process. We have received hundreds of requests for this service and have helped clients in turning their wedding day into an unforgettable event. Although, couples can hardly forget their wedding days and how they said their vows, but nothing can top getting married in a helicopter.

Your wedding should be beautiful and enchanting experience and a helicopter on rent for marriage makes your special day more adorable and memorable. A helicopter is a versatile transport offering some unique benefits when it comes to wedding purposes. Here are some of them.

A helicopter has a rich image in the world of transport but Helicopter Booking for Marriage is much less than you may think. We offer helicopters for rent in an affordable cost because we understands that everyone has a desire of grand entry on his wedding. So if you struggling for unique theme that makes your wedding different from others book helicopter for wedding and start your special day with bang.

Your wedding is one of the most important days of life and to make it more important hire helicopter which is the unique idea for wedding. It is the symbol of glory and happiness because every bride expects something special from his groom. Once you book helicopter for marriage than rest our responsibility to make your trip memorable. This is most fascinating gift theme that you used in your wedding because helicopter takes off for a sightseeing tour around your venue.


  • Make a Grand and Unforgettable entry to your wedding venue.
  • Flight timed to complement your schedule.
  • Flower Dropping/Showering over the marriage venue.
  • Local Sightseeing opportunity.
  • Unforgettable unique experience.
  • Lots of time to click photographs.
  • Cost comparable to limousine hire.

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